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About Us
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Nairobi Stima Taekwondo Club was established in 1988. It was started to accomodate the large number of taekwondo students who had graduated from the Kenya Power Training School Taekwondo Club.

The Beginning

Most of the big companies, including Government parastatals and departments in Kenya are major employers of sportsmen and women. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company is no exception.
Kenya Power and Lighting Company has put up sports facilities for it's staff and dependants in all major cities in Kenya. Kenya Power and Lighting Company provides housing to it'e employees. so it's appropriate that it provides recreation at these housing estates

Our History

As taekwondo gained in prominence and popularily in Kenya in the 80's, Kenya Power and Lighting saw the need to include taekwondo as one oif the sporting events it would sponsor.
The company embarked on a massive recruitment drive for some of the best taekwondo players fresh from School. These young players then joined the Kenya Power and Lighting Training School for formal training in various trades. During the training period, these young players went on to produce excellent results in local championships.
Some of the students went on to represent Kenya as members of the Kenya National team. These included Partrick Ngana, now taekwondo Head coach in the company, Henry Bwire now in the United Kingdom, Crispin Gachuhi now a Senior manager with the company and instructor in one of the stations, and Peter Wameyo, among many others.
Once they graduated, the students were posted to other stations where they established new clubs. These clubs included Nairobi Stima, Coast Stima, Mvuke, Naivasha, Eldoret Stima, Nyanza Stima and North Rift Stima. Other students established clubs outside the Kenya Power and Training School.
The company not only fully supports these clubs but regularly holds Inter Unit championships and demonstrations. The company continues to be a major employer of taekwondo players and sponsors those still in school who  turn out for the clubs.